All our wave runners have built on reciever and can be switched from the station on the beach. If you don’t follow the rules of hiring wave runners
(riding out of marked spots, full speed only when you are at least 500m from the beach etc.) that you are clearly informed before starting the ride, your
vehicle is switched of and you lose the remaining time.

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Xtreme Fun


The Flyride is a water flying device that looks like a jet ski and is powered by waterjet technology that allows the rider to fly over water.

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Windsurfing is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing.

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Ready for


Combine your time at the beach with a jet ski tour along the south coastline of the island. During the safari you will visit places that cannot be accessed by car or on foot, like the White Beach, the Indian Rock and the volcano. Speed trough the water, swim wherever you feel like it and play around enjoying the warm sun and cool Aegean Sea waters. All safaris are done with the company of an experienced jet ski driver. The safaris run throughout the day and each jet ski can fit 2 or 3 passengers. Whether you would like to ride the jet ski alone or with a friend is totally up to you. The starting and finish point of the safaris is at Kamari beach so you can leave anything you don’t want to take with you in your car or at the water sports stand..

Safari Light 1h

Safari Volcano 1,5h

Safari Big (round of the island) 2h

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Wakeboard is one of the most impressive and challenging sea sports. All you really need is a board and a lot of “talent” to create an impressive aerial performance. Not surprisingly, it’s a super popular sea sport, especially among the young!

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Dive with a snorkel and a mask and get closer to nature. You can rent an aqua scooter too.

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Imagine a parachute glide using our special parasailing boat. Our guests take off from the boat and soar to 300 feet (100 meters) high over the sea with breath taking views over the island.

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